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Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATED: MAY 1, 2018

Getting Started

How should I get started?

You can start by registering an account with us and learn more about financial planning. You can also tryout our Personalised Calculators and Find & Compare tools to explore the range of products available on FinAlly.sg.

What is the difference between buying through FinAlly.sg and other insurance agents or financial advisers?

FinAlly.sg is a self-directed, interactive and easy to use online portal. We provide you with useful tools, information and a wide range of insurance and investment products to choose from to meet your financial planning needs. More importantly, we help you save money by rebating part of the agent’s commissions to you when you successfully purchase a plan through us.

Comparing Products

Who provides the insurance and investment products??

FinAlly.sg is a trademark belonging to RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers Pte Ltd and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RAF Holdings Pte Ltd. RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers provide a wide range of insurance and investment products from the following providers on the FinAlly.sg platform.

  • AIA Singapore Pte Ltd
  • AXA Life Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Aviva Ltd
  • Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd
  • iFAST Financial Pte Ltd
  • Life Insurance Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Manulife (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Ltd
  • Raffles Health Insurance Pte Ltd
  • Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd

Which age should I use?

Some insurers use age on next birthday, while others use age on nearest birthday.

In any case, you do not have to worry. Just key in your current age and our system will automatically work out the correct age for you to tabulate the pricing from the various insurers.

The comparison tool does not give me a product that I am looking for. What should I do?

If you are unable to find the product you are looking for on FinAlly.sg, please write to yiling@finally.sg.

Purchases & Payment

What is the buying process like?

Buying through FinAlly is easy! Once you have selected the product you like, book an appointment and one of our licensed advisers will meet you to process the purchase. This can be done at either our office or at a mutually convenient time and location*.

*Please note the commission rebate will then be 30% of agent commission.

Why can’t I complete the purchase entirely online? Why do I still need to go to Ray Alliance Financial Advisers' office?

FinAlly.sg serves as an informational portal. For purchases, the current regulatory landscape requires all users to be advised by a MAS Licensed Financial Adviser. RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers is a MAS Licensed Financial Advisers (Co. Reg. No. 1999000852W)

What should I do when the insurance policy I want is not found on FinAlly?

If you are unable to find the product you are looking for on FinAlly.sg, please write to yiling@finally.sg.

How do I make the first and subsequent payments? Can I pay using a credit card?

Different insurers and their products have varying payment options. Please consult our licensed advisers at RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers and they will advise the best possible option(s) for you.

Are there any hidden or additional fees?

There will be a charge of $20 administration fee to process each rebate.

Are medical check-ups required?

It depends on your medical condition and the insurer’s medical underwriting guidelines. Please write to yiling@finally.sg and she will help you with the answers to your questions.

How would I know whether the purchase is successful and the insurance coverage is in force? How soon would I know?

After submitting the policy application, a dedicated adviser will be appointed to you by RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers to answer all your enquiries. He/she will also guide you and update you on all policy matters.

Commission Rebates

Why do I receive commission rebate?

At FinAlly.sg, we want to help more Singapore residents better understand their finances by empowering them to plan for themselves.

Our proprietary system, and technology enable our clients to do their own insurance planning in a secured environment. We support this process by giving our clients extensive and relevant information, to help them make their own decisions.

As RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers merely concludes the transaction by providing product advice and completing the documentation process, you, as the client, rightfully deserve the rebate.

Does FinAlly give commission rebates to all the insurance products on its platform?

FinAlly.sg is an information portal. All products on our platform, commission rebates and referral fees will be serviced and appropriated by RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers

When and how do I receive the commission rebates?

Commission rebates will be appropriated by RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers directly to you. In general, this will be given out within 90 days once the policy is in force or after the 14-days free look period, whichever is later.

Ongoing Services

Is there anyone in FinAlly.sg that I can contact when I need further information or clarification regarding my insurance policy?

Please write to your friendly financial adviser, yiling@finally.sg.

What should I do when I want to make changes to my insurance policy?

Please write to yiling@finally.sg.


What are the benefits of the referral scheme?

At FinAlly.sg, our goal is to help more Singapore residents benefit from lower costs, and meaningful costs savings of doing their own financial planning. We want to encourage you to spread these benefits to your friends and relatives. In return, RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers will give you back an additional reward of up to 25% of the agent commission, as referral fees. For example, your friend gets a 50% rebate on the agent commission and you will get 25% of agent commission rebate based on his/her purchase.

How do I make a referral and how does FinAlly know that the referral is from me?

RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers directly manages the Referral program in addition to the Commission rebate program. You only need to sign off an introducer agreement with Ray Alliance Financial Advisers, to qualify as a referrer. It is easy to refer someone. Please click here to JOIN.

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